Rare Collection

by Shnabubula


I want to give an enormous thanks to anybody who gave money during the release of this album.

It occurred to me that it may have felt like an insult or betrayal to some who for their own reasons did not wish to give to this cause.

It is not my goal to ever strong-arm anyone into agreeing with me, let alone using music to force somebody to see reality the way I do, and especially not to penalize them if they don't.

For this reason I made the album free to download for the last few hours of the 24 hour period, however, anybody who missed this opportunity and would still like to download this album, if you decided not to pay the minimum out of an ideological difference with the stated reason for releasing it, please send me a private message. You can message me directly through bandcamp.

I promise I will not pass judgement on you. I don't want anybody to be deprived of this music simply because right now, we do not see eye to eye on this subject. I will provide a free download code to anybody who messages me letting me know that they abstained from purchasing this album out of a philosophical conflict. I will of course disagree with the position you've taken, but I will not write you off for having done so, and I will not decide you are unworthy to hear my music.

I apologize if by doing this I gave that impression. I was very excited to be a part of this cause, and in my excitement I may have taken some actions without properly thinking them through, so please allow me to rectify this mistake.

In more positive news, just over $1500 was given today, to this album and my full discography, $1186 of that will go directly to me within the next 2 business days. I just donated a full $1500, so that includes all that was given along with my own personal donation of $314, and when we include Bandcamp's portion of this transaction, that will be a net total of just about $1800 given to the cause thanks to all of you!

I can't properly express the depth of my gratitude. This is something I deeply believed in and I am so grateful that with all of your help, I could be a part of it and do my small bit to make a difference.


released February 3, 2017

Album Artwork by Khuyen Lam