Starbound: Rite of Ascension

by Shnabubula

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Sven B. Schreiber
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Sven B. Schreiber So this is what it sounds like, when the grand master of chiptunes delves into serious philosophical subject matter and creates a magnum opus of epic dimension. While the number of notes per second is sometimes close to the edge, where I'm starting to get turned down, it's still a highly enjoyable listening experience throughout. Favorite track: IV Awakening - Farewell.
Steve H-Johnston
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Steve H-Johnston Starbound really does take you on a journey of wondrous FM timbres, flawless harmonic changes and beautiful melodies and metric modulations. Definitely a must-listen.

But then again, it's Shnabubula, so of course it is ;) Favorite track: III The Arena.
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kf this sounds like i am rotating a crazy fourth dimension tesseract but on some insaaane drugs, like weed or lsd. please come to brazil Favorite track: V Starbound.
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This was a deeply person project for me, and in a lot of ways was the culmination of a kind of developmental cocooning I'd been going through since 2007.

I was never public about the subject matter of the album.
It actually is meant to tell the story of a child, dying from a terminal illness, he goes into a coma, while in this coma, he journeys into his own unconscious where he end's up fighting a literal battle against his own inner demons in a grand arena in the middle of a giant neo-tokyo kind of cyber metropolis. Upon acheiving victory, he is able to awake from the coma, and say goodbye to his family, before finally succumbing.

At this point, his spirit leaves his body and travels across the entire span of the universe to the very source of all life and returns to rejoin this source and reach the next plane of existence.


released May 29, 2012

Artwork - Katie Kinkel



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