Super Rite of Spring

by Shnabubula

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monkeylordz This album is now my preferred method of listening to "The Rite of Spring". This arrangement feels simultaneously faithful to the original and like something new entirely, going above and beyond with its orchestration and added embellishments. Furthermore, the retro video game soundfonts are paired impeccably with each section, and the love for both shines clearly. Favorite track: Reploid Rivalry.
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BARBATUS I've been listening to the Rite Of Spring since I was really little thanks to my dad, and it's remained one of the most important compositions of my life, and this tribute is just filled to the brim with adoration of the source material. Every time I run into other Rite Of Spring fans I'm like cheering for the rest of the day, my jaw dropped at the interpretation of Spring Khorovod. Favorite track: Meridian Round Dances.
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Zet This is just an absolutely incredible and powerful interpretation of Rite of the Spring. Made by somebody who understands both the source material as well as the samples they work with. Fantastic!
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This piece was an intense labor of love for me. It took nearly a year of work from when I first began the process. My Goal was to take one of my favorite orchestral pieces of all time and fuse it with the styles and aesthetics of likely my favorite generation of Video Game Music, the 16 Bit Super Nintendo.

For Each scene of the original piece I picked a game and arranged that portion of the piece using both elements of the games soundtrack style along with my own sensibilities and those of Stravinsky. Given what a huge influence Stravinsky has been on me and also the impact the cannon of super nintendo music has had on me as a composer, it felt like a fusion of these two elements was a very natural fit for me.

To be clear this is not by any means a straight cover, I basically kept whatever elements of the original I felt fit best with each game's aesthetic and then rebuilt the rest from the ground up, often adding many layers of embellishment and/or development that weren't in the original ballet.

Early on I made the decision to ignore the polyphony hardware limitations of the SNES for this project. While I've written a fair amount of SNES inspired music that aims to exactly match hardware limitation, in this case early on I asked myself, which version of this concept scared me more... one where I'm limited to 8 voices maximum, or one where I'm allowed to use any number of voices at any given time.

It turned out the latter version, one with limitless polyphony, felt far more daunting, given that the former, while requiring some degree of creative problem solving, I felt would often give me excuses to cut back on the level of complexity especially from a harmonic perspective. The choice became obvious then, though in the future it might be fun to experiment arranging other post 20th century work using a more restrictive framework.


released May 29, 2019

Artwork by Francis Coulombe (
Based on the Ballet "The Rite of Spring" by Igor Stravinsky


all rights reserved



Shnabubula New York, New York

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