VGMCAST Season 1 Reunion Show

by Shnabubula

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Dillon Ethier
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Dillon Ethier Shnabubula chose to wrap up "season 1" of his VGMCAST series by condensing each setlist into a medley and performing them all live on stream. The outcome is pretty fantastic (especially the impromptu Autumn Leaves rendition at the end O_O). He doesn't just play each song in sequence, he scrambles them up and effectively remixes them together on the fly- quite impressive. If you missed the stream, check this out! Long-form solo piano jazz doesn't get much better than this. Yes, he's covering a lot of video game music, but does that matter? There's also King Crimson, Tigran Hamasyan, Béla Fleck, among many other artists who don't do VGM represented here (I would argue that Tim Follin deserves to be as well known as any of them, for what it's worth). As always, it's name your price, so just do your ears a favor and give it a listen. Looking forward to season 2! Favorite track: Vol. 2 Medley.


To put an official bookend on the first season of VGMCAST, I attempted to play every single song learned during the course of the 6 weeks in a single sitting divided into medleys from each Volume with varying degrees of coherence/success but it was certainly a lot of fun.

This whole thing has been a tremendous experience and I can't wait to come back with a vengeance this fall for season 2!

Watch the Full Video of this performance here:


released July 6, 2015

Artwork by basically about as a good a friend as a human being could ever ask for, Alex Roe (

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