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Bryan HS
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Bryan HS Great piano playing! I love your... "jumpy" personal touch... I can't quite describe it. I'm not entirely certain if it's in the arranging or the performing either. Probably a bit of both.

I meant that as a compliment, I swear. You add a lot to the musical aspects of the originals, without taking away from how well they are adapted. It complements the songs I know and also the ones I don't. Keep it up! I really enjoy this :D Favorite track: Super Mario RPG - Beware the Forest Mushrooms.
Dillon Ethier
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Dillon Ethier A live recording (of a streamed performance) of VGM covers plus one Jaga Jazzist cover (:D) for solo piano. His style is alternately contemporary classical and jazz, with pop and prog influences. Most of these tunes come from obscure games I've never heard of, but a few are really sweet. Obscure yet very sweet? sounds like a certain Shnabubula..... Favorite track: Bloody Roar 3 - Mystery Relics.


All of the songs here were performed live on stream at, you can watch the full performance here:

These 14 Songs were all requested 2 days before on the regular weekly stream held every Friday from 12 PM to 8:30 PM EST (GMT -5). Part of the fun is learning all this material for the first time in front of a live audience watching me struggle and occasionally triumph, one tiny 5 second long portion of the "Bloody Roar 3" song took me more than a half hour to be able to play with any kind of consistency, but it all paid off in the end that Sunday. A good friend, Tadd Nuznov a.k.a. Rushjet1 ( managed to save FLACs of each of the individual songs played and since I hadn't expected them to come out so well, I didn't properly prepare.

In the future, all Sunday streams will be recorded via direct audio to my computer, unfortunately, since that was not the case this time, the audio is not as good quality as I would have liked, but it's pretty good and definitely better here than on either the hitbox or youtube versions.

Anyway, I'm very happy with my playing on these recordings and I hope you all enjoy. Special Thanks to everybody who made it to either stream, can't wait to see you all again on Friday/Sunday coming up.


released May 18, 2015

Awesome Album Art by Alex Roe (

Composition Credits:

Track 1 - Nobuyuki Shioda ,Norio Nakagata and Ryota Musha
Track 2 - Jaga Jazzist
Track 3 - Minako Hamano and Kozue Ishikawa
Track 4 - Sasakure .UK
Track 5 - Okabe Keiichi
Track 6 - Yoko Shimomura
Track 7 - Takayuki Negishi
Track 8 - Koichi Sugiyama
Track 9 - Masashi Kageyama
Track 10 - Masashi Hamauzu
Track 11 - Arata Iiyoshi, Hideki Sakamoto, Keisuke Ito, Ryoma Nakamura, and Ken-ichi Saito
Track 12 - Tim and Geoff Follin
Track 13 - Daylon Camarena
Track 14 - Gerald Kaye [Tekkaxe] (



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