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This will be the final Album/Performance of VGMCAST Season 3. For Season 4, we will return to the slower format, of taking a month or so to learn songs. Using only 2 days is a special and extremely exhilarating experience. This will not be the last time we do it. I'm considering alternating between the two approaches somewhat regularly.

A few of these songs were not normal requests, but special dedications that I decided to do on Saturday. One being a song by the phenomenally talented and just amazing all around guy, Gil Assayas [GLASYS] ( I can't recommend his work highly enough. If you want to have your mind blown by what is possible, in terms of generating a song in real time using multiple keyboards, watch this video he made:

The song of his I covered is from his recent album that I've been listening to on a repeat for a while now, I suggest you go give it a listen, and then give it a purchase as well ;) (

In addition, I decided to cover a song by a friend and great supporter of the stream, the real life super hero known as "TheMexicanRunner", you can see the original video of his song here:

I'm incredibly grateful for all his support, from the generous 800+ viewer raids, to helping share my work on social media. Doing this cover with him watching was a really special experience.

Along with that I did a dedication to the person I met towards the very beginning of my time as an internet musician, who I've spent, over the years, probably more actual hours talking to than maybe anybody else I've ever met online. Still to this day we've yet to meet in person, but hopefully that will change. That's of course Alex "RoeTaKa" Roe ( The reason we met is directly related to the song home from Terranigma [one of my all time favorite soundtracks by the way] so I chose to cover it in dedication to him.

The one other unplanned song was an encore, in honor of the 10th anniversary re-release of the album Kind of Bloop. The album was all chiptune covers of the classic Kind of Blue. ( I did a solo piano rendition of the track I tackled on that album.

This season has been an amazing experience for me. With the recent #PlayNYC show ( being just one of many highlights. I'll be taking a couple weeks off from streaming, but I'll be back after that, not with VGMCAST right away, but with nightly 7PM jam streams, where we just have fun. Anybody who was there for the last series of those back in 2016 can tell you it was always a good time, and now we have a shiny new loopstation to play with ;)

Until then, please enjoy these TASCAM recordings. I'll be posting lots of individual videos from both the learning and performance streams this season, all in high quality, on my YouTube channel ( and soundcloud ( as well as Twitter ( over the coming weeks.

Can't wait to see you all back on the stream soon!


released August 19, 2019

Album Art - The Immortally Splendiferous Sergio Cornaga (
Composition Credits:
Track 1 - Tappi Iwase, Masahiro Ikariko and Motoaki Furukawa
Track 2 - Yasuhisa "YACK" Watanabe
Track 3 - TheMexicanRunner (\
Track 4 - Tetsuya Shibata and Mitsuhiko Takano
Track 5 - Takahito Abe
Track 6 - Hiroto Saitō
Track 7 - Jake Kaufman, MtH, SiIvagunner (,,,
Track 8 - Miyoko Kobayashi
Track 9 - Osamu Sato
Track 10 - Ryu Umemoto
Track 11 - Gil Assayas (
Track 12 - Jason Hayes and Tim Larkin
Track 13 - Miles Davis


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Shnabubula New York, New York

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