Cybersoccer 4141 Perfect Best Selection

by Shnabubula

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Matthew Rosenthal
Matthew Rosenthal thumbnail
Matthew Rosenthal Best qualities of cinematic soundtrack, video game music and jazz fusion rolled into one. Favorite track: Team Select 2K2⁴.
SamRabbit thumbnail
SamRabbit What a fantastisch album by Shnabubula! Can't wait to hear the followup. Favorite track: Let Us Yeah to the Moment of Exact Goal!! .
umbrellaphone thumbnail
umbrellaphone Shnabubula brings us this outstanding album all the way from Jupiter. Working for an earth-side release was WELL worth it - this is utterly original, absorbingly complex and beautiful music!!

My favourite moment is in Friendly Match when after all the usual Shnabubuliciousness the music seems to drift off into space - I like to imagine it's the ball being kicked reeeeaaaaally high before landing again!

Cybersoccer 4141 will inspire any musician - human or alien - who listens to it! Favorite track: Friendly Match.
Themnotyou thumbnail
Themnotyou Words simply can't do this album any justice. It must be experienced. <3 Favorite track: In the Year 2099.
Dillon Ethier
Dillon Ethier thumbnail
Dillon Ethier It can't be overstated: Shnabubula is a genius. Favorite track: Pentaly Shootout.


This is an official Perelandra Records release:

Cybersoccer 4141 was the much anticipated follow up to the arcade smash Cybersoccer 2099 ( offering bigger better visuals and sound, the release scored major goals for its publisher.

In order to celebrate this hugest of successes, this 5 track arrange/medley EP was made, Unfortunately it was a Jupiter exclusive, until now as it is FINALLY getting an earth-side release.

This EP is also a prequel, taking place 10 thousand years before the universe shattering events of the upcoming EPIC "Cosmic Diaspora" Stay Tuned and enjoy! LET US YEAH TO THE MOMENT!


released October 11, 2016

Music: Shnabubula
Artwork: Francis Coulombe (



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